Hart Broken by Annie Arcane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.5

*I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, and this review is my full and honest opinion*

Our main character, Mickey Hart, doesn’t do one-night stands. But then she wakes up in a luxury penthouse with nothing but a t-shirt, and she meets Cale Windermere, who is gorgeous, ambitious, and successful.

He knows he wants her – even if she’s got things to hide. He wants nothing more than to chase after Mickey and make her his. But he can’t. He can’t even walk, much less run.

But that definitely won’t get in the way.

This story was beautiful.

The plot was such an emotional roller coaster. It was lighthearted and yet it dealt with such serious issues, and this sentence is going to sound vague but: This book was so much more than the story of two people falling in love.

The story definitely had its ups and downs, and I was able to feel the experience and understand how the characters felt throughout the novel. Let me tell you, YOU WILL FEEL MANY MANY DIFFERENT EMOTIONS.

The characters in here were definitely very well developed. Mickey and Cale were both characters that had gone through things and still had the wounds from them, and I thought that the way their backgrounds were revealed was well-paced and written perfectly, in the way that allowed the readers to understand that this character had secrets and flaws, respect that they needed time and space, but love them nevertheless.

There was so much chemistry between Cale and Mickey, and I was definitely rooting for them the entire way! And so many swoon-worthy and adorable scenes – this book made me want a Cale in my life.

This book does largely center around Cale and Mickey alone, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the side characters. Mickey and Mel (the best friend) had such a great dynamic together and I would’ve loved some more serious scenes between those two!

The writing style was great as well, not to mention unique. There were often italicized thoughts interjected into the story – like commentary – and while this was definitely different, it really worked for me.

I thought the dialogue and thoughts were so witty and hilarious, and it not only added to the reading experience, but to the characters’ personalities as well.

Overall, I’d say that this book was such a beautiful story, and thank you so much to the author for providing me a copy – what an amazing read!

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