Guest Post: Xane J. Fisher

Welcome Xane J. Fisher, author of BoyzNite, a short story that’s coming out on the first of August! Read more to learn more about BoyzNite and about life 🙂 (Not to mention a little giveaway!)

First, about BoyzNite…


Law school wonder student Ian Peters chronicles his first night home for the summer in Piedmont, Washington. What starts with a pleasant drive up the Pacific Northwest Coast leads him into a night of self discovery, contemplative self-assessment, and ultimately the question of what kind of man does he want to be? Along the way, he reconnects with friends, family, and an old flame who changes his world forever.

What started as a typical night of partying quickly becomes BoyzNite.


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“Fisher’s writing debut doesn’t disappoint. Nice prose and storytelling!” -Bart Hopkins, Goodreads

“A very poignant short story and Fisher writes so eloquently it’s like reading poetry.” -Sissy Lu, Goodreads

About Xane J. Fisher:


Originally from the Salt Lake City area, Xane Fisher has spent most of his life living out of a backpack or suitcase. Along his travels, he has been blessed with an amazing family, a college education, and the opportunity to see the world from the skyscrapers of Abu-Dhabi to the third world markets of Angola. From a young age, he has felt compelled to write and share experiences through a pen or keyboard. He is currently living in southwest Germany, serving in the United States Air Force with his wife Autumn and their son Judah. He hopes to have his first novel completed soon.



First off, let me say thank you Catherine, for reading my story and second for letting me run my mouth a bit. It’s important to read all sorts of things, even the stuff you don’t like. Heaven knows I’ve slogged through a torrent of crap that passes for “literature”.

So instead of doing a creepy or weird “let us learn too much about this guy” I figure we can dig into BoyzNite a bit, and you can decide if you like my brand of writing along the way.

BoyzNite hit me while listening to a mix of “indie chill covers” on Spotify. So many males in modern society fail to understand the perspective of others let alone their own. I’m a blog troll and a podcast slut so eventually I started to notice a pattern. Too many dudes not knowing how to be dudes, let alone themselves. Instead of jumping on the total Meninist social counter movement I decided to take a deep look at what was going on.

Too many times in my life I met people like Ian Peters. Guys who thought it was all a good time but never saw the consequences of their actions until years later. Most of them unfortunately didn’t figure it out until they were almost 30 with a kid or two. I’m not saying guys are dumb, or that women have it harder. I’m saying everyone has it different, and I wanted to capture another man discovering that life changing fact for himself.

Men develop differently than women, albeit slower in some regards, we have a different perspective. We don’t see the struggle of others the same way a woman might, and that’s what I sought to capture in BoyzNite. The moments where a boy becomes a man in modern society. The point where a man-child goes “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’ve been a contributor to someone else’s misery, and some of it was by omission alone. What do I do?”

Fred Nietzsche once blathered on about staring into an abyss and it staring back into you. Now there’s much to be said about that but from the perspective of a man in his mid-20’s I feel that abyss would be seeing the world they’ve inherited for what it really was.

Privilege is not gender or race based, but it is a real thing. Some people are privileged with “good” things, and others are given the shit end of the stick, and that is completely ok. Life isn’t fair, and asking someone else to fix it never ends well. History has taught us that greatness comes from within, and truly successful people take what they’re born with and run with it.

Look at Andrew Carnegie. He had good and bad points but the guy is the reason you get to go to a public library. He took his wealth and power and gave some back to everyone. That is something to remember, and I hope Ian chooses to do something about what he too has been given. Kristen was the catalyst, and hopefully they will teach each other more.

In closing, please hit me up on social media…hate mail is appreciated. Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook so just hit me. Also, I have a suspense/horror project in works so stay tuned to Royal James Publishing for more awesome goodies!

Until Next Time,

-Xane J Fisher


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That’s it, folks!

A huge thanks to Xane for telling us so much about his inspirations for BoyzNite!


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