Good Girl Bad Girl by Ann Girdharry

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 2.5

*I receieved a free copy of this book through LibraryThing in exchange for a review.*

Good Girl Bad Girl follows the story of Kal.
Her mother is missing. Someone is following her.
Something is obviously going wrong – and it seems to connect to the death of her father from so many years ago.

Luckily, Kal is an expert in reading people, and she sets out to investigate. When she comes across a human trafficking network, she realizes that everything is much worse than it seems.

I thought this story was definitely complicated and well-thought out in terms of plot, but I wish the execution had been done better.

I think pacing was one of the main issues I had with the book. The story started out fast and engaging, but as it continued, I began to lose interest and reading became tedious, even boring. Parts seemed repetitive – the main character would find herself in some trouble while investigating, and then she would get out of it a few pages later.

While the writing style was solid, it wasn’t extraordinary, and I think this may also be one of the reasons why I began to lose interest – the story started to seem a little monotonous.

There was also a kind of disconnect I felt for the characters; I didn’t really “understand” who they were as people, and because of the kind of dangerous, out-of-the-ordinary situation everything was in, I felt more like I was reading a news article instead of living out the story.

I did really like the beginning of this book, and although I was a little disappointed that my interest began to dwindle and that the ending was predictable, I do give the author props for setting the stage well.

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