Review: Eyes in the Water

Eyes in the Water by Monica Lee Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.5

*Thank you to the author for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!*

Sequels are a tricky business. Some, like The Rose & the Dagger, blew me away and left me needing more. Others, like Insurgent, bored me to death and made me question if these were the same characters I loved in book one.

Eyes in the Water, I would actually say, fell into neither of these extremes. The story begins with Brenol’s return. Something dark is spreading throughout Massada, and the land is dying. Brenol must race against poison in order to save the land, even if it means giving up his own pursuit of love.

Monica Kennedy has a very distinct writing style; it is clear and descriptive, but has a certain elegance and fluency that instills a sense of peace in the reader. Believe me, that’s a good thing, because she world she has created balances energy and tranquility in a way I’ve never see any other author do. Just like in the prequel, The Land’s Whisper, the imagery wowed me – I could actually imagine the scenes and feel the land beneath my feet.

Another thing I’ve always been hesitant about in sequel is the development of the characters. I’ve read too many book twos that made me pause and question how out of character everything seemed. The thing about Eyes in the Water is that we see our favorite characters return, but many years later. Yet, there is no sense of irregularity, and for Brenol, it was easy to fill in the blanks and see how he progressed after his previous journey. We see a lot more of Colette in this book as well, and I love that this book focused a lot more on her psychology as well.

The plot for this one was more direct than the first book, which could be a reason for the shorter length. Nevertheless, Kennedy skillfully crafts her story with the same adventure and twists that we saw in the first book.

Overall, I would say that the book left me content; the author’s smooth writing style and and storyline left me feeling curious as well – I’d love to learn more about this world.

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