Review: The Clairvoyants

The Clairvoyants by Karen Brown

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 2.0

First of all, I was totally drawn in by the beautiful cover. It reminded me a bit of the covers for Mara Dyer, a series I absolutely loved. The blurb kind of reminded me of that too – both a little creepy and paranormal feeling, so I was excited to read this.

The Clairvoyants follows Martha Mary. She sees ghosts. When she tries to escape them, she ends up at a college far away from home, away from her sister, and away from her past. But then Mary Rae appears beneath her window. Mary Rae, a woman who’s gone missing. Mary Rae, who may or may not be dead.

A lot of the reviews say that the writing for this was one of this book’s strongest suits, and while it definitely did add to the eerie atmosphere at the start, it made the pacing seem slow. At the very start, I liked the tangential style, but after a while it got repetitive and tiring. I felt like the story had a leisurely pace throughout; I was waiting for the story to pick up, but it feels like it never did.

That brings me to the plot. The plot was definitely interesting, and the premise was set up very well. The issue I have is how we travelled through the plot. Because of the writing style, the storyline seemed tedious, and felt like I lost of sight of where the story was headed.

I felt like I had trouble with the characters as well. While I thought Martha’s interactions with her sister were extremely interesting, I didn’t quite feel the dynamic between her and the love interest, William. The relationship felt rushed and a little empty, and because I didn’t quite get to know Will as a character, I didn’t feel emotionally vested in his and Martha’s relationship. For Martha, there was definitely character development by the end, and I liked that a lot, even if the road getting there was less than satisfactory.

Throughout all this, I actually did really want to know what the ending would be, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. What did disappoint me was, like I said, how I got there, and I feel like I would’ve enjoyed the story more if a different style was used.

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