Review: Remnants

Remnants by Carolyn Arnold

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 3.75

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for a book review. This review is my full and honest opinion.*

Remnants begins with several body parts, discovered floating in the Little Ogeechee River in Savannah, Georgia. Brandon Fisher, FBI agent, is called in to investigate, but he finds it difficult to identify the victims. When body after body turns up, it becomes clear that a serial killer is who the FBI is after. The question is why – why are they doing this? Why are they targeting these people? And above all, why are they murdering in such an oddly specific way?

When the murders start to resemble some cultural, sacrificial ritual, even more unanswerable questions arise. The mind of the murderer is much darker than they expected, and they’re running out of time.

The story is written from two different points of view: Brandon’s and the murderer’s. Carolyn Arnold’s literary versatility was extremely clear, and I loved the sense of dramatic irony that got me anxiously flipping pages, wanting to know more. In a sense, we read the same story from different perspectives – we followed our hero through his investigative journey, but we also lived through the eyes of someone who had created his own reality, who had such a distorted – but hypnotizing – view of the truth.

For Brandon’s perspective, I do feel like I enjoyed the first half better just because there was more anticipation, more mystery, and less chasing. However, I loved reading all the parts from the point of view of the perpetrator and seeing their psychological development. I’m a little iffy about the end – there was a bit that I thought felt a little like an awkward add-on; it was a scene that I felt was a little unnecessary, though it did provide a chance for character development to shine through.

Another very unique thing about this book is that it’s not just a crime mystery; between serious tidbits, the characters talk about relationships and…you know, “feelings”. These little moments gave me more insight into the characters and made the book seem much more realistic.

The characters were extremely complex, and I was able to see how the story extended far beyond the crime they were trying to solve. Each character had a personality, a history, and a unique voice. Even the antagonists were multifaceted, and the author’s ability to delve into each character’s psychology allowed the story to feel that much more immersive.

This was definitely enthralling from beginning to end. The plot continued to get thicker and thicker, and I couldn’t put the book down. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes reading crime stories. Carolyn Arnold has written a thrilling mystery that will keep readers on their toes as they delve into the center of a captivating psychological nightmare.

Remnants comes out on April 11th! You can pre-order it now from Amazon by clicking here.

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