Review: Unveiling Ghosts

Unveiling Ghosts by Jeannine Allison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.25

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review.*

I’ve never really believed in soulmates. Now, I’m not so sure.

Unveiling Ghosts was just as beautiful as book one, and just as captivating as book two. When ten-year-old Sherry spots a little boy running through her backyard, the story begins. The boy introduces himself as Hunter, and before long, they are best friends, and then high school sweethearts.

Things have changed since then. Now, Sherry looks back on her life, back four years ago, to the day she lost everything – her parents, her home, her boyfriend, and herself.

But then she learns that Hunter is alive, and Sherry is forced to question everything she’s known about love and life, and about that fateful day so many years ago.

Whew. The plot for this book was beautiful woven, and the author skillfully intertwines the past and the present to create an unforgettable love story. I was pleasantly surprised at how authentic the voices sounded for the younger versions of Sherry and Hunter, and the realism really helped with the depth of their relationship as well. The story contained development in multiple spheres: physically and emotionally in the minds of our main characters. What I loved the most was seeing Sherry and Hunter’s growth, both as individuals and as one; they each had such a powerful voice, but when they came together, it was even more unbelievable.

I was a little surprised at how quickly they fell back into one another, but I was glad that they both understood that they weren’t the same people they were four years ago. The relationship between Sherry and Hunter was one of a kind. It’s unbelievable and almost unrealistic, and I think if any other author attempted this it would’ve become too cheesy, but Allison pulls it off, and with the same, powerful writing that she’s shown in all her books so far.

Jeannine Allison has a graceful and fluid writing style that will both give you immense happiness and cause gut-wrenching pain. There are so many quotes that I’ve highlighted in my ebook – just lines that I know I’d want to remember forever. One of my favorites:

“Humans were the worst kind of monsters; no help from demons was required.

This book is hypnotizing. It sent me into a spiral of emotions that left me thinking about growing up and falling in love, but most of all, it started to make me believe in a kind of magic I had never allowed myself to see before.

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