5 Books I Hate But Everyone Loves

5 times I was in the minority – and was extremely confused about why.

The following five books are all pretty well-known and with ratings of over 4 stars on Goodreads. Which, if you’re part of that community, you’ll know is pretty damn high. And yet, they weren’t worth more than a 1 star for me, and till this day, I am extremely baffled as why I fell into the minority.


Eleanor & Park

I don’t know, man. Everyone fell in love with this book, but I’ve never had a good relationship with Rainbow Rowell’s writing. I couldn’t overlook the massive amount of stereotypes that seemed to permeate the characters, and although I commend the effort at diversity, Eleanor was not only annoying, but also seemed to treat Park like an exotic creature.


Isla and the Happily Ever After

Anna and the French Kiss had been okay. Lola and the Boy Next Door had been a little less than okay. Isla and the Happily Ever After wasn’t okay at all. It just felt like there was no story; the main characters fell in love straightaway, and that was it. I also couldn’t STAND Isla – she just seemed overly dramatic and cried about every 20 pages. I only finished the book because I wanted to finish the series, but I’ve never forgotten how unenjoyable the experience was.


The Raven Boys

I finished this book. But you have absolutely no idea how much energy it took. For me it was practically all 400 pages of “what the hell is going on please help I don’t understand what I’m reading”. The rest of the world, for the most part, seems to love it – and that’s cool, but I disliked this book enough to not even consider picking up the sequel, which, for me, is really saying something.


The Winner’s Curse

There wasn’t anything I particularly hated about this book, but after hearing all of my friends praise it, I had expected something much different. As someone who tries extremely hard to finish every single book – no matter how much I hate it, you can imagine just hard it was to get through this one. I tried this book three times, and still never got to the end.


A Thousand Boy Kisses

Dear god, this was probably the worst of them all. I can’t believe it has a 4.32 rating. This book just felt like every single YA cliché bunched up into one book. It was so ridiculously cheesy and the plot was a mess, but everyone else just seemed to lap it up.

That’s all, but feel free to comment your opinions on my list or any books YOU hated but everyone seemed to love!


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