Curling Up With A Good Book: What You Need

It’s 3 pm, a drizzling Sunday afternoon. You look forlornly out the window at the gray sky, feeling the chill of the air through the glass. On days like these, there’s only one thing you can do: curl up with a good book. You grab one of your all-time favorites off the shelf and flip to the first page, ready to immerse yourself in another adventure.

But it feels like you’re missing something…

This is a pretty well-known running joke in the community: how difficult it is to get comfortable when reading a book.

You know, what position do you want to be in? Do you want something to eat? How bright should it be?

As it turns out, there’s an easy formula to help you get everything together, and here it is.

1. Scented candles.

And no, random smells won’t do. Get something that makes you feel at peace, something that makes you feel free. I personally find the scent of roses or the scent of autumn extremely comforting, and lighting up a candle nearby really adds to the feeling of home.

2. Notebook + Pen

Okay, so this might sound kind of distracting, or weird. But a notebook and pen really help, especially if the book you’re reading is a physical copy, and especially if you’re going to write a review about whatever book you’re reading later.

We’re all thinkers. We have thoughts that run at a million miles an hour, and a handy notebook and pen will let you get your ideas out even when everything seems jumbled up. This is also why I say to use a pen, not a pencil. Lead is erasable. You don’t want your ideas erased.

If you end up not writing anything down, it’s perfectly fine – go ahead and write your story in your head. That works too!

3. Tea

Tea generally has a very calming effect, and it’s not loud, like chips or candy bar wrappers.

Oh, and I know some people prefer coffee – and actually, I’m one of those weird people that love tea and coffee equally – but I’m sure coffee works too, as long as you limit the caffeine.

4. Bookmark

How many times have you been immersed in a story, just to have it all shattered by someone calling your name? So, always, always, always keep a bookmark handy. Just in case. You don’t want to lose your place, and you don’t want to have to dog-ear your pages (which shouldn’t even cross your mind anyways, you monster).

5. Blanket + Pillow

Have something to keep warm and cuddle up with. Blankets make me feel warm and fuzzy, though they should have a warning label attached: it’s too easy to fall asleep in them. Nevertheless, it’s easier to immerse yourself in your story if your toes aren’t being frozen into icicles.

Sidenote: If you’re one of those people who are lucky enough to have a person to cuddle up with instead of a pillow, well, go ahead. And please let me know where I can get one of those. I’ve been scouting for years.

6. Music (optional)

This one is pretty optional; I know there’s some people who absolutely cannot concentrate with music playing. But for me, I like to put on some light, slow, (no lyrics) piano music, which really helps me block out the rest of the world but allows my mind to stay on track.

So, what was the inspiration for this post? I received this little promo package from Hideaway Fall, a new publisher located in the UK:


I absolutely adored just how creative this package was! It really does have everything you’d need to go on a literary adventure: candles, tea bags, a tote, a notebook, pens, bookmarks, a flashlight, postcards (for when you’re off on your adventure and need to let your family know you’re okay), and even an all-in-one metal tool, for any obstacles you might meet, or if you just decide to switch out that tea with a glass of red wine.

A huge thanks to Hideaway Fall for this promo pack! You guys can keep up with them here:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

I hope this post helped (or provided some sort of entertainment), and good luck to everyone on your next book hideaway!


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