Review: Calmer Secrets

Calmer Secrets by Jennifer Kelland Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

Whew. What a wild, wild, wild, wild ride.
I did think I liked this better than the first book – the pacing was better and the story felt less like a bunch of dramatic scenes thrown together.

Calmer Secrets basically picks up years after Calmer Girls left off. Samantha Cross is in the middle of art school and has taken a break from dating. Veronica, on the other hand, seems to have a new guy on her arm every week. Nevertheless, things seemed to have slowed down – that is, until Ben’s sudden return, which sends everything once again spiraling into insanity. Emotions are never easy to deal with, especially when so much history is involved, but one thing is certain: everybody’s got a secret, but nobody knows what the future will bring.

The plot was definitely, once again, action-packed, but a little predictable. However, like I said, the pacing for this book was better, and I enjoyed the nice balance between drama and peace. I feel as though this book brought about even more closure to the story, not only in regards to the entire plot, but also for the relationships between the characters.

One issue I have with the book is concerning Samantha’s character. The development itself was quite clear, but (especially considering what had happened in book one), I felt frustrated with some of her questionable actions. I liked the clear emotional conflict, but also partly wished she had been more decisive.

But one part of this book that was really an improvement on book one was the sibling relationship between Veronica and Sam. In the first book, I felt as though the former was a bit one-dimensional, but Calmer Secrets really added another layer to her character. The interactions between the two also seemed much more realistic and mature, which I thought reflected their growth well.

Like the first book, the writing style was consistently engaging and fluent, and overall that made for a pretty quick read. I definitely think this would be a quick read for lovers of contemporary or romance young adult novels!

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