Review: Complicity: A Thriller

Complicity: A Thriller by L Dalton White

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 3.5

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review.*

This book was extremely hard to rate for me, for a number of different reasons.

Complicity: A Thriller begins with Natalie, who finds a journal that suggests that her ex-boyfriend’s father could be alive. Pete had gone missing after hitchhiking across the country, but his disappearance seems to point to a darker part of society – a criminal organization too dangerous to get involved with. But Natalie’s curiosity and determination places her right in the middle of the action, and as it turns out, her own life is now at stake. Natalie has made it her personal mission to find Pete, but when she teams up with his girlfriend Betty-Anne, a series of threats and assaults seems to once again suggest that the story is much more dangerous than they had expected.

The story is written in a nonlinear timeline and chapters jump back and forth between different characters and times. I do have to take some blame for my confusion – I have a terrible habit of not reading (and remembering) chapter titles, so I sometimes found myself having to reevaluate the order of events and try to piece scenes together.

Other than that, the plot was definitely packed. The story was very focused on the different journeys characters went through, and was easily pulled in by both storylines.

One thing that I also really enjoyed about the book was the main character, Natalie Hollister. She was curious and determined like many main characters, but she was also intelligent, which made the book a lot more immersive and realistic. For Natalie, there was a great balance between the “thriller” part of the book and the more domestic scenes, which added a lot to her character. I wish that we had a similar balance for the secondary characters, however; for the most part, the other characters played their part mostly in the “thriller” frame, but I felt like there were so many secondary characters that it was a bit hard to keep track of all of them especially if I didn’t have enough background for each of them.

The writing style was great; it was heavy in all the right places and I especially liked the incorporation of dramatic irony that made what was about to happen even more suspenseful. All in all, anybody looking for a more realistic thriller would enjoy reading this book, and the story itself was definitely twisted and one of a kind.

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