Review: Heritage

Heritage by Addie Hunter

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 2.5

*Thank you to the author for giving me a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

The blurb for this book is intriguing, to say the least, which was the main reason I accepted it for review. Heritage takes place in a small town in Nevada – but the one unique thing about this location is that it is filled with superheroes – teenage superheroes, who, of course, do whatever they can to save the world. But there’s bound to be a little chaos.

I think the main problem I had with the book is something that a lot of other reviews mentioned – the large amount of characters. There were lots of secondary characters, and many of them had superhero names, and over time I think I didn’t quite get to connect with any of them strongly enough for me to truly understand who was who, and it became a bit of a mess in my head. I couldn’t really match superhero names to real names, and it also became a little hard to pinpoint which minor storyline matched up with who.

That was definitely a problem for me, as it made the plot difficult to connect with as well when there were so many different things going on with different characters. Still, there were some scenes that I really loved, such as one that touched a little upon the topic of eating disorders, and I really enjoyed the light blend of more “supernatural” scenes and moments that were a bit more relaxed and domestic.

That leads into the writing style, which was one of the positives for me. The style flowed smoothly and was casual. There was definitely a lot of description, and this did also slow down the plot a little, but I personally thought that it made everything easier to visualize. Another thing that I liked was the dialogue – there were some witty and funny dialogue between the characters, and I have to say that it reminded me a lot about how I joke around with my friends, and that definitely made the book more realistic and entertaining.

Overall, I’m not sure this was for me, as I was just a little too overwhelmed and confused by the amount of characters, but I feel that a bit more cohesion surrounding the characters and their identities would definitely make this book easier to read. It definitely has a lot of potential, and it would definitely make a very interesting superhero series.

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