Witch’s Reflection by Jen A. Durand

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 2.5

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

I actually had no idea that this was a spin-off when I picked this up, but the blurb drew me in, which is why I accepted it for review. Witch’s Reflection follows Selah; she knows she’s already different, because she’s a witch. But she realizes that there’s something even more out of the ordinary when she starts seeing things (memories?) that not only plant doubt in her mind, but makes her question just who she really is.

The formatting for this book was really interesting. Between some chapters, there are bits and pieces of writing that adds perspective from some characters, or just tells the reader more about what is going on behind the scenes. I especially liked these parts, because the writing style was mysterious and I thought the voice given to the narrators at these parts were very unique and powerful.

As someone who hasn’t read the original series, I wonder if this contributed to some of the difficulty I had in connecting with the book. I felt like I didn’t quite connect with the characters as much as I could’ve. There were also some terms that I didn’t really understand, and because of my confusion it was a little hard to truly understand everything that was going on and how things worked in the world the author created.

The characters definitely had their own personalities and traits, but like I said, it was a bit hard to keep up with all of them and I felt like the only one I truly felt connected with was the main character, Selah, who was actually very likable. I felt every emotion and ever internal turmoil that she experienced, and she really became a character with depth and individuality.

Because I felt a bit confused about some of the terms (though the glossary at the beginning helped a little), I felt like I couldn’t quite follow the plot, and I was neither satisfied nor disappointed by how the story turned out. Nevertheless, I thought this was a pretty interesting read, though I definitely had some trouble with it.

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