Review: Your Name, In Blood

Your Name, In Blood by Kera Emory

Actual Rating: 4.25

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

Your Name, In Blood was really just as action-packed and wild as the first book, Your Name, In Fire (read my review here). And if you read that book, you know Connor and Wendy, who actually appear in this book as well. But this book follows Connor’s little sister Kelly; she’s been following John Scofield recently, and it’s easy to see that she’s someone who really, really, really wants answers. John has been living a fun, playboy life as a vampire – but the arrival of Kelly throws everything out of place, and for once – he realizes that there’s more to himself than he had ever guessed.

Whew. I loved John and Kelly. Maybe even more than Connor and Wendy. Yeah, I know. I said it. I think that the way they got to know each other started out in such an odd and unique way – right off the bat, you could tell that they’d be something special.

Both characters were extremely well developed, but I think one main reason I enjoyed this book so much was because of Kelly, who had the fiery curiosity and determination that I love to see in so many main characters.

The writing style was great – no surprise there. I did notice that I had a little trouble remembering what had happened in the first book. However, as the story progressed, there were tons of references to it, which remedied my confusion. (Still, a reread might’ve been a good idea.)

Regardless, I thought this book was a treat! The balance between domestic and witty dialogue and action scenes were written in a way that paced the story well and and made it seem more realistic – or as realistic as a vampire story could get anyways! I’d definitely recommend this series to any readers of paranormal romance.

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