Review: Some Distant Sunrise

Some Distant Sunrise by Elliott Downing

Actual Rating: 5

*Thanks to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

Elliott Downing is gradually becoming one of my favorite short story writers! I first read The Keys to the Kingdom, and I thought it sort of had a raw, realistic, eerie tone – Some Distant Sunrise totally has that too.

This novella is about a former DJ, who now has close to nothing – all because of his heroin addiction. When his ex-girlfriend seeks him out again, looking for a chance to rebuild their relationship, he knows it is an opportunity that won’t come knocking again. But there’s a catch: Lynn died of an overdose four months ago, and she’s hoping he’ll join her.

This book was gritty and dark – just like the blurb said. And just like Downing’s other short story, the writing style has a surreal and mystical feel to it; it was extremely hard to put down, and though the story was short, the ideas felt fully explored as I immersed myself in the storyline.

The main character in this book is terribly flawed, and yet it is these flaws that allow him to embody the turmoil that all humanity contains. Drug addiction is of course a very realistic problem, and even for people who have not have had contact with it, I am sure Some Distant Sunrise will be able to strike some sort of chord.

Overall, Some Distant Sunrise was a haunting story about persistence and pain, and I’d definitely recommend it to anybody who is brave enough to delve into a world that seems both unimaginable and close to home.


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