How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Ah yes, the reading slump. We’ve all experienced it one way or another. And right now, I’m stuck in the middle of the biggest one I’ve ever been in.

I remember the days I’d read one, two, or even three books a day – and for some reason I’d always been able to find time.

But then college started, and a bunch of other things started to take precedent: school, TV shows, games, and I stopped reading altogether. And proof of that is this: the last review I posted was a whole 22 days ago.

It sucked. I’d open up a book, and a few pages in, something would distract me and I wouldn’t touch another one for a few weeks. I just couldn’t concentrate.

But I just finished Geekerella and although I didn’t love it, I reminded myself how much I loved reading as a whole. So I’ve compiled a few ways to get out of a reading slump – maybe dabble in a few of them and see what works for you.

  1. Reread an old favorite. (My go-to reread is the Harry Potter series!)
  2. Read a book you know you’d hate. (Hatred is a powerful emotion. It fills me with adrenaline and I could hate a book with all my heart, but want to finish it just so I could write a scathing review.)
  3. Listen to an audiobook. (I used to hate on audiobooks and call them cop-outs, but they’re actually really soothing.)
  4. Watch the movie, then read the book. (Scandalous, I know. Personally I’d never do this, but it might work.)
  5. Read some fanfiction. (It could give you the story you’ve been craving.)
  6. Read something on Wattpad or Fictionpress. (The best books aren’t always books.)
  7. Read something targeted towards a younger audience. (It’ll poke at your brain a little, but you won’t need to think so much.)
  8. Read something easy. (This goes along with the previous one: sometimes I just read a chick lit because they’re fun and easy to read, and I can burn through one in a few hours.)
  9. Write something. (Being in a reading slump doesn’t mean you’re also in a writing slump. And maybe you could inspire yourself.)
  10. Power through. (Seriously. Set a deadline. Go to a coffee shop. Put on those headphones. And open that book. Finish it no matter what. Maybe you won’t hate it as much as you expected to.)
  11. Baby steps. (A chapter a day. A page a day. Anything. Go slow and maybe at some point you’ll start getting into it.)
  12. Buddy read. (There’s a much larger feeling of commitment if there’s someone else on the other end. And it’s fun to discuss!)
  13. Try a novella. (They’re short and fast, but give you the same feeling of accomplishment when you’re done with it.)
  14. Read book reviews. (You’re not actually reading the book – but the reviews might make you want to.)
  15. Go to the library or the bookstore. (You’ll want to buy something. Trust me. Do it.)
  16. Browse Goodreads. (It’s a site I can be on for hours, and it always reignites my love for reading, if only for a few hours.)
  17. Return to ancient times. (As in, turn off the computer. And the phone. And the tablets. Lock yourself in some medieval dungeon for 24 hours. You can only have a book with you. I guarantee you’ll start reading.)
  18. Take a break(It’s a bit counter-intuitive, for sure. How do you start reading? Don’t read. But a little break might help you clear your head, and then you can jump right in.)
  19. Talk to someone about a book you love/hate. (Ranting or fangirling always gets your blood boiling and your heart pumping, and it’s a way to get back into it and remind yourself how much emotion reading has made you feel.)
  20. Read books with illustrations. (Like Harry Potter’s illustrated versions. Just to see how beautiful reading can be.)

Anyways, I hope this list helped! If there’s anything that worked for you that isn’t on it, feel free to drop it in the comments below.


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