Review: Make it Count

Make it Count by Tamar Sloan

Actual Rating: 4.0

There’s something very special about Casey – and it’s why she never touches anyone. Whenever she does, a number flashes: the number of days that person has to live. Casey has no problem living in her own bubble, pretending she has a phobia. That is, until she meets PJ and the inevitable happens. The time he has is much too low, and for the first time, Casey is going to do anything she can to change it.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this writing style! It did read like a young adult novel, but I found that I especially liked how the chapters were formatted – with numbers as titles and some interrupting chapters titled with hashtags that were pondering and thoughtful. It gave the book a really nice pace despite the short time frame of the story.

I also loved how we could follow the thought process of the main character, which really brought her internal conflicts to life. I enjoyed how Casey transformed into someone braver, more independent, and willing to take risks for the people she cared about, all while falling in love. I would want more development with the side characters though, such as the best friend – I really enjoyed her scenes and wanted more!

The plot was really exciting – I thought it was predictable at some points, but the author was still able to incorporate her own twists that made the story more original.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of young adult novels. There’s a hint of urban fantasy as well, so readers of that genre would probably also enjoy it!


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