Review: Five

Five by Jane Blythe
Actual Rating: 4

*Thank you to the author for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Ohohoho. So I’ve basically been in the worst (and the longest) reading slump of my entire life. It’s about to hit the four-month mark. And still, I finished this book in one sitting. Jane, HOW DO YOU DO IT???

But anyways, as you can tell, this book was amazing. If you’ve read the first four books of this series, then you’ll remember Laura. During a trip to the hospital, she runs into a teenager who has a wild story – she and her “sisters” were kidnapped five years ago. When they confront the man who supposedly did it, he’s calm, collected, and argues that his daughter is mentally unstable. It becomes a terrifying game of cat and mouse as the gang struggles to keep the girls safe and catch the kidnapper before he comes back for them – or worse, before he takes anybody else.

After reading the previous books in this series, I had been wondering how the author was going to come up with even more original plots – but here it is. She did it. Five is more of a thriller than a mystery, and there weren’t any crazy surprises, but the writing style made the reading experience a roller coaster ride nonetheless.

One thing I really enjoyed in this book was Laura’s character development. I definitely liked how this book, instead of introducing new main characters, focused on the growth and the struggles of old ones. There was a good balance between conflicts related to the kidnapping plotline and those more focused on romance or personal growth.

Going off of that, the book did not just give Laura an opportunity to be in the spotlight. Annabelle also had her own struggles. I liked reading about how she had trouble letting others in after experiencing such trauma, but I also wish she had a bigger part in the kidnapping plotline to tie it all together, as sometimes the flow of the story felt a little disrupted when she became the main focus of the story.

Overall, however, the story was extremely captivating and the writing style was as immersive as always! I would totally recommend this book to any lovers of romantic thrillers – but definitely read the previous books first, or you’ll miss out on many of the character’s backstories. (There was a little recap at the beginning of the first chapter which helped a lot, but still go for the full novels!)


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