Review: The End We Start From

The End We Start From by Megan Hunter

Actual Rating: 1.5

Agh. I really thought I would love this. I’m a huge fan of dystopian novels, and I love reading poetic, elegant writing. I wasn’t sure how they would work together, but after reading this book – I’m not too sure it works.

There were definitely places where the writing style was beautiful, but overall I think it worked against the story. Because it was so soft and airy, the story lost a lot of its intensity and speed – things that are typically very important to a dystopian universe. In fact, if I hadn’t read the blurb that said that this book followed a newborn as London was flooded, I’m not sure I would have known that that was what was happening.

In addition to that, it felt really hard to connect with the characters because they were named only by a single alphabet letter, and sometimes I got confused with who was who. Understandably all of these aspects come together to make a disconnected and jarring writing style that parallels the story’s situation, but it was simply a little hard to understand for me.

If you’re looking for some really beautiful quotes to write down, then go for The End We Start From. But if you want a true dystopian with harrowing action, look elsewhere.




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