Review: The Museum of Us by Tara Wilson Redd

The Museum of Us by Tara Wilson Redd

Actual Rating: 1.5

*Thanks to NetGalley for a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review!*

Trigger Warning: Mental Illness, Cutting

This was definitely not what I expected from the blurb. The synopsis for the The Museum of Us follows Sadie, who is living the good life with her boyfriend Henry and her best friend Lucie. When Sadie gets into a car crash, she is sent to the hospital as she cries out for George. George, her hero, her prince, her secret. One other thing – George isn’t real.

I had no idea that this story was about mental illness when I started reading it. And honestly The Museum of Us surprised me, because I could relate so much to Sadie. I too have created worlds and adventures in my mind, imagined myself as a tragic hero in order to escape from the harsh realities of the world. I too often lose myself in daydreams, and yes, I start talking to myself aloud, gesturing, and walking about. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME.

That was about it when it came to relating to Sadie. To be honest, I couldn’t really connect with her trains of thought of actions, and sometimes it was even a little irritating. I felt like I lacked understanding about Lucie and Henry as well, and even George. The only character that was truly fleshed out was Sadie, and everyone there was simply “there.”

The writing style was not exactly my cup of tea either. I personally am a fan of figurative language and visual imagery, but the writing style was a little more straightforward and simple. The chapters bounce back and forth between times and between reality and imagination, so it can get a little confusing, but the chapter titles do help, not to mention that they’re Harry Potter references!

The Museum of Us comes out on June 26, 2018, but you can pre-order it on Amazon here today!


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