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Author Interview: Ulff Lehmann

Hi guys! Welcome Ulff Lehmann, who wrote Shattered Dreams, which is already out now! This interview was done in real time, over Skype, and I for one am very glad for that because the interview was both fun and genuine. (Friendly reminder that authors are people too!)

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Author Interview: Annie Arcane

Welcome Annie Arcane, author of Hart Broken, a contemporary romance! The sequel (Hart of His) comes out September 30th, so here are some interview questions and answers about her delightful books.

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Author Interview: Tracy Lawson

Welcome Tracy Lawson, author of the Resistance series. Tracy has kindly graced her with her presence and answered a few questions about her books. Counteract and Resist are already published, and the third book, Ignite, is set to be published on July 19th!

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