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Curling Up With A Good Book: What You Need

It’s 3 pm, a drizzling¬†Sunday afternoon. You look forlornly out the window at the gray sky, feeling the chill of the air through the glass. On days like these, there’s only one thing you can do: curl up with a good book. You grab one of your all-time favorites off the shelf and flip to the first page, ready to immerse yourself in another adventure.

But it feels like you’re missing something… Continue reading “Curling Up With A Good Book: What You Need”


5 Books I Hate But Everyone Loves

5 times I was in the minority – and was extremely confused about why. Continue reading “5 Books I Hate But Everyone Loves”

And so it begins…

Yep, so Donald Trump is our new president. This is just something I have to say about it…

Continue reading “And so it begins…”

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