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I started this book blog when I was in high school, simply hoping to find a few friends. Six years and two graduations later, I’ve found that and so much more. Ethereal Pages is the place where I meet new authors and listen to their stories, where I get to rant as much as I want about the tropes she loves (or hates), where I find new stories that I would’ve otherwise never discovered, and where I learn about the writing and publishing experience — which I one day hope to have myself.

When Catherine isn’t reading or writing reviews, she’s watching TV, films, and kdramas, rooting for the Golden State Warriors, playing the piano, listening to pop and rock music, drawing and painting, or simply scrolling through Twitter.

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  1. Hi Catherine. You may be surprised that there are political conservatives (including me) who agree with everything you said in your blog ‘election 2016″. I wrote a satirical critique of Trump that I believe you would like. It’s available as an audiobook on Hoopla that you can download through your library. Title is “Aren’t the Emperor’s New Clothes Grand. If you would like to review it, I can also send you a PDF version.


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