Review: Zenn Diagram

Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

Actual Rating: 3.5

*Thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for an e-copy. This review is my full and honest opinion.*

Zenn Diagram is a really cute contemporary teenage romance with a dash of the paranormal. Eva Walker is just a regular girl who has an affinity for mathematics, so she spends her free time tutoring other people or hanging out with her only friend Charlotte. But there’s one more thing: when Eva touches another person’s skin or possessions, she can see their emotions. This had always been something that had always alienated her from other people. But then she meets Zenn – and for once in her life Eva might be okay with taking a risk.

I really liked all the characters, and although Zenn did feel a bit like a cliche I loved him anyways.
Admittedly, the main character was a little annoying sometimes and I felt like some of the teenage drama between her and her best friend Charlotte were a little unnecessary and overdramatic. Nevertheless, I liked how the story turned out from a contemporary perspective.

One thing that I wish was was different was Eva’s gift. I absolutely loved the idea of it and the fact that this book wasn’t just contemporary. I wanted Eva’s gift to play a larger role; in the beginning it seemed like something huge, something that practically defined Eva’s personality. But as the story went on the book seemed to slip more into contemporary, and the gift didn’t seem to have that much of a purpose anymore.

The plot was also a bit predictable – I’m sure the same story line has been used before in at least two other books I’ve read (though I don’t remember which).

The writing style was probably the strongest part of this book; it did have the typical young adult feel to it but I thought the author played with words and figurative language very well. Overall this was a pretty quick read. I think it could be perfect to curl up with on a lazy Saturday evening.

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