Review: The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

Actual Rating: 4

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.*

This was SO cute.

The story is written from alternating perspectives. There’s Zelda Rossi, who was fourteen when it happened, and she was never the same again. But she channels her anger and grief into her graphic novel. The same graphic novel that was rejected by several comic book publishers, dashing every dream she ever had. Then there’s Beckett Copeland. He’s still on probation for an armed robbery that sent him to prison for two years, and he’s struggling to keep his life together. It’s a bit difficult when a criminal is the only thing he feels like he will ever be. Long story short, Zelda needs a place to stay. And Beckett’s got a bit of room to spare.

This was amazing. I loved the characters, and they were even better together. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting when I opened it up – the cover isn’t really what the typically contemporary romance has. But nevertheless, this was a really quick read, with just the right blend of heartache and happiness.

The graphic novel aspect of this book was a delightful plus as well – there are some scenes from Zelda as well, and it was pretty cool to be able to imagine that there was another story within the story.

Nothing about the plot was really surprising; I thought it was pretty predictable, which is why I couldn’t give this a full five stars. Nevertheless, it was really a touching story, and I loved that there were subplots – even for the minor characters, which made the book a lot more realistic.

The idea for it is really amazing, and it goes back to something I’d always been interested in: the butterfly effect, or the idea that a butterfly’s tiny wings could create changes in the atmosphere. As a metaphor, it refers to how little actions can have large effects – something I think this book expressed beautifully.

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